“To live without you….

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“When two lovers are really open to each other….

“When two lovers are really open to each other, when they are not afraid of each other and not hiding anything from each other, that is intimacy. When they can say each and everything without any fear that the other will be offended or hurt.… If the lover thinks the other will be offended, then the intimacy is not yet deep enough. Then it is a kind of arrangement, which can be broken by anything. But when two lovers start feeling that there is nothing to hide and everything can be said, and the trust has come to such a depth where even if you don’t say it the other is going to know, then they start becoming one.”

– Osho, Intimacy; Trusting oneself and the other


“The only thing that has to be learned…

“The only thing that has to be learned is watchfulness. Watch! Watch every act that you do. Watch every thought that passes in your mind. Watch every desire that takes possession of you. Watch even small gestures—walking, talking, eating, taking a bath. Go on watching everything. Let everything become an opportunity to watch.” – Osho
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