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About some ago I read this post on My Teenage Madness how we can spread the love. You can read it here. And you should definately read it.
She prompted everyone to do a little act of kindness and I can happily say I did mine. I messaged all my friends and near and dear ones about how I appreciate them being with me.


So I thought why not spread love by spreading smiles. And so these some actions which will surely help you spread some smiles.

1) Hold a door open for someone. Doing simply this you can see the warm smile on the other person’s face.

2) Pay for the person I line behind you. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount. You can pay for a newspaper if you’re standing in a newspaper vendor’s line.

3) Clean out all your old clothes and donate them to…

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Murugan Peacock Murugan Tribe In Iraq

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Lord Subrahmanya,called as Murugan in Tamil Nadu is mentioned in the Vedas as Skanda.

Murugan.jpg Lord Subrahmanya

Skanda worship was popular during the Vedic Times and Murugan in Tamil.

Murugan’s oldest Temple dating to 300 BC has been found in Tamil Nadu and Murugan worship is spread throughout the world including Malaysia.

Now there is evidence that Murugan was worshipped in Iraq, then called Mesopotamia.

Tawsi Melek , The peacock God.jpg Tawsi Melek God of the Yezdi people Iraq.

There is tribe  Yezdis, which scholars believe to have descended from the Tribe of Murugan.

The God is worshipped in the form of a Peacock, which is the vehicle of Lord Muruga.

The Yezidis are a very ancient people from Iraq with their calender being 6764 yrs old. About 5000 years ago Yezidis migrated from India to Afganistan, Iran, Iraq and middle east. At that time
they were called children of Melek Taus same as Murugan, a God…

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Rathyatra In Babylon For Marduk With Garuda’s Wing

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Proof is piling up on the spread of Sanatana Dharma spread throughout the world.

I am of the view that a group of people from the South of India left because of a Tsunami.

One,led by Satyavrat Manu , ancestor of Manu, left for Ayodhya to founded the Ikshvaku Dynasty.

The other led by Shiva and Ganesha left through the middle east before settling down in the Arctic, where the Rig Veda was composed.

Then a part of the group left and came back to settle down in the Sarasvati valley through the Khyber Pass.

Ancient Inscriptions reveal that the Babylonians celebrated an annual Rathayatra Cart Festival over 2,500 years ago. In fact this festival is regarded as one of the earliest recorded such celebrations known to history. 
During this 11 day festival “the statues were cleaned and received new dresses. On the next day, the festival reached…

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