Sunday Sunday and I wait for the clock to go back

Originally posted on wisejourney:

A moment to stop and
Wait for the clock
To catch up with time
I was given but forgot.

A bird on a roof top,
A plane in the sky,
The quiet of the morning,
outside ambles by.

A picture I like
Of the girl looking too,
There’s no hurry, it’s early
…I’m chatting with you :)

Have a super Sunday .


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Friendship (2 iPad Images)

Originally posted on Petals Unfolding:

Friends in the Field of Life
came forth in my Day of Strife
and as they did
 brought to me
Golden Gifts 
 of Precious Petals
and Shiny Gems
compared to none.
[photographs taken in my backyard with my iPad]

Dearest Friends,

Since the Day of Calamity hit with great force, your responses to me have been one of great surprise, leaving me utterly and totally humbled and grateful to all of you. The outpouring of Love and offers of money … the outpouring of offers of giving me your photographs to use on Petals … the outpouring of empathy and encouragement and standing by me in my Day of Trouble …. I am in tears.

I am a Giver. All of my Life I have given. And this world, greedy as it is, has taken…

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Losses By Randall Jarrell

Originally posted on Renard Moreau Presents:

Randall Jarrell

It was not dying: everybody died.
It was not dying: we had died before
In the routine crashes– and our fields
Called up the papers, wrote home to our folks,
And the rates rose, all because of us.
We died on the wrong page of the almanac,
Scattered on mountains fifty miles away;
Diving on haystacks, fighting with a friend,
We blazed up on the lines we never saw.
We died like aunts or pets or foreigners.
(When we left high school nothing else had died
For us to figure we had died like.)

In our new planes, with our new crews, we bombed
The ranges by the desert or the shore,
Fired at towed targets, waited for our scores–
And turned into replacements and woke up
One morning, over England, operational.

It wasn’t different: but if we died
It was not an accident but a mistake
(But an easy…

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